We specialize in audio mixing to make sure you have the clearest balance in your music. We set a flat rate per song so you always know what you'll pay.

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We have a team of engineers who are musicians just like you who can contribute ideas to your mix. 


We can get your song or album to radio-ready volume so you can stand out from the competition.


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Lyndsay Munich / Audio Engineer

Lyndsay is a producer, songwriter, and audio engineer. She records her own music under the name "Lynz"
and has released an album. She was selected to attend GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles in 2015 for
audio engineering and stays passionate about music.


Davis Smith

Working with Lynz has been a dream come true. She’s aided me on numerous musical projects in editing, tuning, mixing, and writing. Not only does Lynz provide incredible insight to my projects that’s clearly been forged by years of experience, but she’s also always willing to answer questions about her process and skill set. It’s Lynz’s perfect balance of professionalism and friendliness that keeps me coming back for help time and time again.


Working with Lyndsay was a professional, fun, and an active learning experience from day 1. Even with working online together, she was always available for comments and questions, was on-time with responses, and very communicative about changes to the project. She was nothing but professional with her ideas for mixing, recording, and writing. She is a trusted advisor to me for music production. I’m indebted to her as a musician and a friend for the investment she’s made in my musical career, my learning of Logic Pro X, and in my life. I highly recommend working with her!

"Working with Lynz has been a dream come true."


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Mixing Cheatsheet

Mixing Cheatsheet 1 Greetings newly minted audio engineer! Here are many tips to make you sound as professional as possible! [...]