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We help indie artists and songwriters produce their music to build their fanbase and get sync placements.

*now taking clients for 2023

What We Do

We're All About One Thing: Creating High Quality Music.

Here at Produce My Mix, we'll turn your demos into high quality releasable and sync-able tracks.

We Help Artists Grow

Most of our clients work with us remotely and we pride ourselves on making it as smooth and easy as possible!

Often times clients come to us to have their song finished after other producers couldn’t do the job.

How Does It Work?

We'll Just Go Through These 4 Easy Steps


Let's Have a Quick Discussion

We’ll chat to discuss your vision for your music and a chance to get to know each other better. We’ll find out if you need production, mixing, vocals, mastering, co-writing, or some or all of the above and find out if we’re a good fit in the application process.


Understanding Your Music

We’ll learn what your goals are for your music and what is needed to get it to that level. We’ll decide who is best from our team of producers and songwriters and work with them to help you realize your vision.


Delivering the Goods

If we decide to work together, we’ll have you upload any assets that will help such as stems, DAW files, lyric sheets, etc, reference tracks and discuss your deadline.

If we decide with you that we need more musicians, we can outsource and discuss an additional cost.ย We keep you involved in the process and send updates on the track as it progresses.


You Can Now Enjoy the Results!

Once you’re happy, we’ll send you all the files you need. Your music is now ready to be pitched or uploaded to your distributor of choice!

Be sure to set your release date at least four weeks in advance for the best result. If you’re pitching, make sure to properly tag your metadata to ensure it’s traceable for the music supervisor.

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What Our Clients Say

Lynz and Joseph are a great team to work with. They are detail-oriented and so invested in creating quality music. There is really nothing they can't help you with: vocals, instrumental performance, songwriting, production, and more. They are a pleasure to collaborate with. Joseph really made an effort to meet my expectations and make my song special. He was easy to work with and just a friendly guy.
Lynz is incredibly talented, but also incredibly hard-working. She puts a ton of time, effort, and care into her production. She is a resourceful, patient, and incredibly intelligent producer. Lynz works to make her clients happy with the art they make together. I couldn't recommend her more highly!
Lynz is a phenomenal songwriter, composer, and vocal editor. She can take your music to the NEXT LEVEL. Talented and will stop at NOTHING to get you what you want. I worked with Lynz for a couple of months, and she has always delivered me the BEST without any questions or complaints. (And trust me, she sooo could have haha). I would recommend anyone to Lynz 10/10. I can't thank you enough!)
Lynz did a fantastic job mixing and mastering my tracks! She basically read my mind with regard to most of what I wanted, and when I needed a few changes, she implemented them perfectly. I made a special request about halfway through the project - some karaoke versions of the tracks - and she not only created them but provided a cappella and instrumental versions as well. Every step of the way, she was responsive and went above and beyond to deliver the best tracks and experience possible.
David Sprinkle
Electronic and VOCALOID Musician
Let's Talk

New Music Made Simpleโ€‹

Lynz has a great ear, is extremely professional, and has an excellent turnaround time! I will definitely be using her again!โ€‹
Meeting Lynz back in 2015 changed my whole outlook on music. Before, I used to buy or download free beats; however, this isn't always ideal. Why? Because you can't manipulate a beat that has already been mix and mastered to fit your style. Knowing a producer such as Lynz has allowed me to put music out there that fits my style.

This is mainly due to how well Lynz takes the time to understand your taste in music. That, and she doesn't treat you like a product, but instead treats you like a human being. Lynz strives to help people with her passion for music and loves to see those around her grow. Lynz has been the heart of my music for five years. Without her, my music would still be in the shadows, wasting away.
Joshua Leary
Rapper and Producer
Lynz is the best producer I've ever worked with/known! She seriously worked so hard and went above and beyond to get me exactly what I wanted. (I was very particular, so it was A LOT) She was also very helpful throughout the entire process, with aspects I didn't know anything about.

She sent me great links and tons of information about distribution, production, instrumentals, and so on. Honestly, I'm so impressed with her abilities and knowledge! I will definitely work with her again, never wanna work with anyone else!! She is just the best--so professional and inspiring. Nothing makes me happier than hearing my songs brought to life by Lynz ๐Ÿ™‚
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