Should I Live In A Big City For Music?

Do I need to live in the city to make a music career?


  • Music is a “real job” to people in cities
  • Other people are doing it
  • Everybody’s an artist and supporting each other
  • Collaboration is very easy
  • Networking is great because tons of big people live in the area


  • Little space physically and mentally to make music
  • Constant noise and crime
  • Higher rent for smaller spaces
  • Easy to get caught up in a bubble


  • Could live somewhere cheap that you can fly to cities and have focused bursts of work and networking
  • Live in the city
  • Live in a smaller city
  • Countryside

You don’t have to be in the middle of nowhere in a dying town, or in the biggest city in the world. There’s plenty of happening smaller cities.

It’s easy to be afraid and have fomo for not being in a city because there is some clout with listing a big flashy city on your socials.

With sites like Soundbetter, producers can live anywhere and get hired. There is location on there so the clout thing could still apply. But the music and your reviews are what speaks. Artists build careers on YouTube and the cities are irrelevant. This is the new music business.

The old music business is move to a big city and network and get in behind closed doors. It’s still very much like this.

Either way, just stay focused.

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