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Two Steps To Pro Sounding Vocals

In this video, I show you the two things that every pro uses for getting streaming-ready sounding vocals. Producing like the pros can take some investment. Get the tools needed here: Melodyne 4 assistant Autotune EFX (Looks a little different now, same principles apply!) Have fun! -Lynz


Singing And Producing Songs for Songwriter Aimee Felise

Aimee Felise is a songwriter from Temecula, CA. She began songwriting in 2018 after having the lifelong dream of doing so. She’s recently landed placements with Hallmark and others. Aimee first reached out to Joseph on Soundbetter in 2019 to have him produce her song ‘Away’, sung by Madison Malone. In 2019 Lynz joined in …

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Freelancing Isn’t Free

We’re moving back to a self-sustaining society. Back in the agricultural days, everybody was responsible for themselves. They didn’t have the big boss man to blame. You’d sow your own seeds and reap your own harvest. The world is heading back to that, and it’s a big responsibility. Meditations On Freelancing You can have clients …

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Release Music

Are you having trouble releasing more music? I don’t know why you’re not releasing more. Fear, striving for perfection, afraid it won’t go anywhere, you don’t have the perfect image yet, the lyrics aren’t perfect yet, the list could go on and on. Here’s some advice to help you with this delicate topic. Work With …

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