What Is Splice?

Splice is a multidimensional revolutionary tool for music. Why should you care? If I knew there was a way to remotely collaborate with anyone in the world without sending audio files back and forth or accessing professional producers’ raw material. Choose The Pro Sounds You Want Splice Sounds is a paid subscription that gives you …

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What Is A Record Producer?

What is a producer? This word is thrown around all over and is so loosely defined — executive producer, film producer, DJ producers, etc. A producer is the leader of a song. They gather ideas, book studio time, hire musicians if needed, ensures the artist’s vision is met and oversees the development of the song. …

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Is It OK To Use Samples?

Here’s a scenario I came across: Imagine you’re in a band and the guitar player comes up with a riff. You then get inspired from their idea and start jamming off that with them. Is that less of a song you’re creating because you didn’t come up with the original idea? No way, that’s crazy …

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