Creating ‘Waiting For You’ By Nightshine

Nightshine is “Just a kid with a mask and a dream…”

Here’s some backstory on the process of creating Waiting For You by Nightshine.

It all started with an email:

Title: A Titanic Dark Love Song (Genre: Indie Pop / Sounds like Billie Eilish)
Hi. This is a very ambitious project that I need written and just was wondering if you can deliver it appropriately. I want a song based around this scene in the Titanic from Rose’s perspective. ( ) I obviously don’t want it exactly verbatim with what is happening in the scene, I just want the song to convey that you would be willing to die for your love NO matter the cost. You’d rather DIE, than live without your lover. She’s not scared of the sinking ship. She’s scared to live without him. I am a male, but want the roles reversed. (I want you to write a song about how I’d rather die than live without my girl, my life, my beauty). I do want at least 1 Titanic innuendo, but please try not to make it obvious. You Jump, I Jump? My soul drowned? My heart froze for you? A lot of the creative control is up to you. Because of the creative control I’m giving, I’m looking for someone very specific for this project, and if it sounds like it’s not you, please don’t waste yours or my time.

He then chose to work with me and requested I create 10 song ideas in 2 weeks so that he could pick the best one. Definitely not common but it was a great songwriting challenge.

I watched the Titanic again and visited Las Vegas to explore the Titanic museum exhibit and it definitely helped set the tone.

Here is my original demo of the song he liked best.

We finished all elements of production much to the client’s satisfaction.

It was released on June 9, 2019.

The song is now at over half a million streams on Spotify and 138k views on
Apeiron’s YouTube channel.

Here is another song that I wrote and we produced off the full EP ‘Everyone Wears A Mask’ called Prisoner.

And I also wrote Superstar.

I eventually became the executive producer of the entire EP.

Here is the full release:

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“Lynz is a phenomenal songwriter, composer, and vocal editor. She can take your music to the NEXT LEVEL. Talented and will stop at NOTHING to get you what you want. I worked with Lynz for a couple of months, and she has always delivered me the BEST without any questions or complaints. (And trust me, she sooo could have haha). I would recommend anyone to Lynz 10/10. I can’t thank you enough!)”


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