Creative Avoidence

Keep writing even if you feel like you have nothing to say. Stop waiting for inspiration. Don’t wait until everything’s all perfectly figured out in your head. I am a master at avoiding creativity.

Put yourself out there. Allow yourself to “fail” and “be bad”. There’s no ‘failing’ in music anyways. All you really may end up doing is falling short of your expectations. But watch out that your ideals aren’t so high that you choke yourself on them, and your creativity.

Take a listen to your old music. The real cringe stuff. If you were self-critiquing yourself back then and never made or released anything, how would have you gotten better up until now?

Are you better off waiting 10 years and collecting 50 songs until they’re perfect, or releasing as you go and improving every time? Let your expectations and your needs for how your songs have to turn out go. All you can do is your best for your skill level right now. Quantity over quality.

I get it sucks not feeling “good” when all you hear and see is perfect final products. Let other people see your mess. Post old demos, works in progress. We love this stuff. When my favorite artists post behind the scenes content I go wild.

We are so used to unreachable art. Art that has been perfected that it feels impossible to make since we miss out on seeing all their mess, the unfinished drafts, the feelings of inadequacy and comparison of others.

Go get makin’.

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