Do I Have To Make Pop Music?

Commercial music is a blend of your unique craft and for commerce. If it’s too far left, then you better be happy just to have the music be for yourself and your ears. If it’s too far right, we all know what cookie cutter soulless that music can sound like.

It’s about finding the balance. However, don’t feel like you have to make pop music.

Music is art so; theoretically, you don’t have to do anything any certain way. However, you have to feel secure in what you make.

Is every genre made up of pop music? No, of course not.

Don’t let yourself get so caught up in trends and your perfect image of what you want your successful career to be like. It can lead to you never making music at all and cutting your musical output off because your ideals are too high.

Try Me

Experiment and make something just for the sake of fun. Sit down without trying to make anything in particular, and don’t be striving for any specific result. Let yourself play, as this is an art and a form of play by the way.

We can get so caught up in turning music into a job and needing specific results until you suffocate the fun and playfulness out of it completely.


Do you struggle with perfectionism and caring more about the result than the process? Do you ever find yourself making music feel like a chore and a job rather than and an unlimited creative playground?

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