Freelancing Isn’t Free

We’re moving back to a self-sustaining society. Back in the agricultural days, everybody was responsible for themselves. They didn’t have the big boss man to blame. You’d sow your own seeds and reap your own harvest. The world is heading back to that, and it’s a big responsibility.

Meditations On Freelancing

You can have clients that need endless revisions, clients not paying on time, and a lack of clients. You might have people asking for cheap or free work. You’re home all day, and friends and family members might think that means you’re always available and not really ‘at work’.

You have to set your own schedule and handle your own accountability. You need to manage yourself without a boss, and tackle your deepest fears and overcome procrastination. You have to have the willpower to stay off the internet. You have to get up and strive for your goals every day because your income depends on it. You have to set the boundaries of your own schedule and make sure you take breaks. You have to do your work, learn new skills, take care of accounting, all while still somehow seeing and making new friends and visiting family.

You face rejection; you face clients that don’t like your work, you face imposter syndrome, you face being afraid to ask for more in payment, you get worried that you won’t like your work. The list could go on. Ultimately, you face yourself.

You save up to pay your own taxes; you find health insurance for yourself, you create your own retirement accounts, and pick the investments yourself.

Hopefully, you’d have set up systems in place to help ease some of this, but without them, it can be hectic.

You need to decide that freelancing is worth it because there’s room for infinite growth. You can move from hourly pricing into project-based pricing, and eventually to value-based pricing, where you start to calculate how much value the client will get from your work and price according to that.

The Good

You can work from anywhere, and you can work anytime you want, you can pick who you want to serve and who you want to work with. You don’t need a degree, you can be any age, you can live anywhere. You can be flexible in your schedule; if there’s a once in a lifetime event coming up or a friend in town you can only meet with during the day, you can do it.

You can travel anytime you want and work from anywhere. Did I mention you can work from anywhere? As long as there is good wifi.

If you don’t want to work at home today, you can go to a coffee shop; you can go to a library, etc. Not always the wisest idea most of the time, but you can wake up and not do anything. You need to keep busy. Infinite ‘free time’ is terrible for the mind.


Try actually taking weekends off. Graham Cochrane has taken Fridays through Sundays off ever since he started his business, even when nobody was coming. What a great way to have a work/life balance even before the operation gets huge! An anecdote to hustling 24/7 is actually enjoying your life now regardless of where you are in the journey.


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