It’s NAMM season. Do you need it all? Let’s face it. Gear can be a hobby in its own right. Did you know the market size of the music retail business is much larger than the actual music business?

That means tons of new products. This is when a lot of retailers announce new things. Fun for sure, but don’t get distracted. There’s nothing wrong with having a new piece of gear inspire you, but don’t fool yourself into needing it.

Often, we feel more creative with limitations. Endless options actually can paralyze us, aka the paradox of choice.

If your goal is to make music, you can do that with very basic things. A computer or iPhone, an interface, a microphone, and a midi controller. That’s all you really need. Everything else is extra. This is an unpopular opinion because the audio business is very steeped in tradition and people are very defensive about their gear. Don’t worry about it.

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