Is It OK To Use Samples?

Here’s a scenario I came across:

Imagine you’re in a band and the guitar player comes up with a riff. You then get inspired from their idea and start jamming off that with them.

Is that less of a song you’re creating because you didn’t come up with the original idea? No way, that’s crazy talk. Why do we feel this way with producing? I think it boils down to pride.

Common fears are:

  • “It’s somebody else’s sound”
  • “I should make everything myself”
  • “Somebody will find out I didn’t make it”
  • “Other people’s songs will sound the same as mine”
  • “The song won’t be real, or actually mine

How often do you really leave a loop the way it came? Aside from maybe drums? Why do you feel free to reign about using drum loops but feel afraid of using melodic loops?

Did you know the drums in ‘Umbrella‘ by Rihanna is Apple Loop “Vintage Funk Kit #3”?

But you know what? Better sound sources just make your music better, and nobody can tell, all that matters is better music.

If sound design isn’t your strongest area or you’re not a drummer, but can vibe off royalty free ideas from those who are, then why the heck not?

Leave a comment on what your thoughts and experience with sampling is!

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