Music Marketing

Using your own name for music can be hard to pin down. Do you love doing tons of styles? Just pick a name for each and get creative and go all out with the branding. Make music for the people you want to attract. We are entertainers and performers. Hide behind your project identity.

It’s much scarier to market a personal single artist name than a band name, even if its one person. Think Passion Pit and Owl City. Both are single person “bands.”

There is much more wiggle room and creativity, and you can still do all your styles in a more focused way. Don’t worry about abandoning your 700 followers, think about the possible potential of growing to 750k followers.

Think about what it could be. Have a personal account and have an official branded music account. You don’t have to try to be everything in one account and one project. I’ve obsessed about this for a long time.

It’ll grow faster if you’re focused and pick a target, and it’s more fun than worrying about personal branding.

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