Producing for Rapper Joshua Leary

Joshua Leary is a rapper and budding producer from Buffalo, NY.

Lynz has worked with Josh for a long time. They would make covers together and record in Buffalo before Lynz moved to LA.

Lynz received a call that he had a clear vision for a new song.

That song became ‘Reapar’ and is Joshua’s first Spotify release.

Lynz made a TikTok breaking down the process of the song being created.

Listen to the full track here:

Meeting Lynz back in 2015 changed my whole outlook on music. Before, I used to buy or download free beats; however, this isn’t always ideal. Why? Because you can’t manipulate a beat that has already been mix and mastered to fit your style. Knowing a producer such as Lynz has allowed me to put music out there that fits my style.

This is mainly due to how well Lynz takes the time to understand your taste in music. That, and she doesn’t treat you like a product, but instead treats you like a human being. Lynz strives to help people with her passion for music and loves to see those around her grow. Lynz has been the heart of my music for five years. Without her, my music would still be in the shadows, wasting away.

There is a bias in this world that says you shouldn’t look up to those who are younger than you. I’m here to tell you to throw that bias to the side. Lynz is a very talented individual who I had the honor to work along side when I was getting started into my music. She is very helpful, and understanding; she doesn’t backdown out of the fear of making a mistake.

– Joshua Leary

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