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Lynz is incredibly talented, but also incredibly hard-working. She puts a ton of time, effort, and care into her production. She is a resourceful, patient, and incredibly intelligent producer. Lynz works to make her clients happy with the art they make together. I couldn't recommend her more highly!
Lynz has a great ear, is extremely professional and has an excellent turnaround time! I will definitely be using her again!
Every step of the way Lynz was responsive and went above and beyond to deliver the best tracks and experience possible.
Lynz is great to work with. She was able to capture the mood of my song and produce great results. I'm very pleased as I have been with all she has done for me. I'm so glad I found her.
Cathy Little
There is a bias in this world that says you shouldn't look up to those who are younger than you. I'm here to tell you to throw that bias to the side. Lynz is a very talented individual who I had the honor to work along side when I was getting started into my music. She is very helpful, and understanding; she doesn't backdown out of the fear of making a mistake.
Many people know Lynz as the amazing producer, singer, songwriter, and guitarist that she is, but I know her mainly as the keyboardist in my band Vues. I can tell you that she always brings very positive and chill vibes to every session. Humble yet confident, reliable yet flexible, honest yet empathetic. She has an excellent ear and composes very creatively. Working with Lynz always brightens my day!
Michael Glines
Singer of VUES

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