What I Wish I’d Known Starting Out In Music

There are so many roadblocks you can fall into as a new music creator. Since it’s the wild west out here on the internet with leaders paving the way every day, we need to make sure we can take full advantage of the incredible time we live in as creators.

What are some things you should know as a new music creator?

You Don’t Need Much

Contrary to what music gear marketing will tell you, you probably already have more than enough to get started. I started out recording on my iPhone on Garageband. Garageband comes free on every Mac and is more than capable for beginners to use. Logic Pro X is Apple’s professional upgrade from Garageband, and it is currently $200, far less than most other DAWs on the market for what it comes with.

You can get a used interface and microphone for around $150. There’s not even a reason to buy gear new. You can pick up used pieces on sites like Reverb and eBay. You can also get some headphones for around 30-60 dollars.

Let Go Of Perfection

Don’t expect perfection. Know that there’s no way that you won’t get better over time. In fact, embrace imperfection. You’re in the lowest risk area possible for any sort of ‘failure.’ The liberating truth is that nobody cares about what you’re doing, so you have the full freedom to explore and be creative and find your sound.

The more you create, the better you’ll get because the more times you write a song, record it, produce it, mix it, master it, and release it, the more experienced you get.

It’s so easy for beginners to be so precious with their ideas. Since creating music is new, to them, it makes every song feel much more important than it is in the grand scheme of things. It’s quite better to have so many songs that you get to pick and choose which to release when you want to put out a project, than to only have the amount necessary for your project’s tracklist.

Release More Often

Tying into the point before, you only get better with releasing. There’s no reason to spend four years perfecting one track than a few weeks doing it and putting it out. You’ll create more fans, and you’ll make new friends.

Nowadays, music is one core component in content releasing. Fans want new content all of the time. It’s easy to look to the major label artists and want to copy what they’re doing, where the artist takes a year or so to create an entire album and tour it a few years while they create a new one.

Indie artists get the freedom to put out whatever they want, whenever they want.

Take Advantage Of New Avenues

With the rise of Tik Tok, as it stands, anybody can post a video and be seen, even if they don’t yet have a following. This is new territory because most other platforms reward those with the biggest audience already.

Shawn Mendez got his music career start on Vine. Tik Tok is Vine 2.0, and much more powerful. You can thank Tik Tok for the reason why Old Town Road is more popular than Despacito.


Are you afraid to release more? What’s holding you back as a music creator? Let me know in the comments below.

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