What Is Splice?

Splice is a multidimensional revolutionary tool for music. Why should you care? If I knew there was a way to remotely collaborate with anyone in the world without sending audio files back and forth or accessing professional producers’ raw material.

Choose The Pro Sounds You Want

Splice Sounds is a paid subscription that gives you hundreds of credits that let you download individual samples from countless packs from producers from tons of styles. No longer do you have to buy an entire sample pack and end up only using one sound from the pack.

Since professionals are posting their sounds there, you get access to better sounds faster for your productions. There is no need to reinvent the wheel all the time. There is no need to fear about ‘originality’ because no matter what sounds you use, it’s still you assembling them together with your own unique taste.

You may hesitate to use loops because you feel it’s not your original sound, but what’s the point of loops if they’re just sitting on a drive? Better to put them to use to serve a real song people will enjoy.

Plus, you get to keep the samples you’ve downloaded if you pause the subscription at any time.

Rent To Own Plugins

With Splice, you can pay monthly towards to full cost of a plugin. And not in a credit card installments kind of way, but more of a subscription kind of way. You can also rent a plugin for a month to try it out and cancel it.

The best part is that if you reactivate it later, the previous subscription cost still goes towards your eventual ownership of the plugin. This is an excellent idea for those who tend to drop a lot of money on plugins only to find out a month later; you don’t really use it or don’t like it that much.

Splice Studio

Splice Studio is the original way that I found Splice. A few years ago I searched ‘Dropbox for music,’ and Splice came up. Splice Studio is an entirely free cloud collaboration feature.

Imagine you work on your session, and when you save it, it uploads to a cloud as version 1.

Then your collaborator can download the session just the way you left it, and they can make their changes and additions, and when they save it, it will save as version 2.

Then imagine you can add bounces, stems, and comments to each version of the song.

And then imagine you can add a third person onto it to download it to work on.

The great thing is you don’t have to imagine this because it is all true!

Splice comes with a free app for your computer that lets you upload projects, and they provide free storage for all of these projects too.

You can also post your session publically when you’re done for people to remix.


It’s such an exciting time to be creating music, since the tools are so cheap, and we have such great cloud services like Splice.

What are you going to use Splice for? Have you already been using it? Let me know down below!

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