Will Fame And Success Bring Me Happiness?

Do you want to be a star? Truly? Maybe, maybe not. But not aiming for that level feels like it would be giving up and going nowhere. What will bring you happiness?

It sounds noble to “just enjoy the music creation process” and “not care about the results”, but what gives?

Is fame needed for validation? Will you still love your songs just as much even if you never released them? What makes a song successful? Its chart performance or it’s long term ability to reach people?

How many popular charting songs just fall out of taste and are completely forgotten about so quickly, versus the smaller artists who truly connect and resonate with their fans. How those songs really live forever!

It seems that it hardly matters how much success a form of art received when it was brand new, all that really matters is in the long scheme of things.

We know this deep down, singing your favorite songs from your teen years, watching that super old movie you love with your family. We couldn’t care less how the generic “public” received it at the time, or hardly what anybody thinks now. All that matters is that we received it.

But fame is a terribly hard idea to let go of in the now. Of course we want to be successful. I wouldn’t want to wish for no success. It feels like a trap.

I don’t have all the answers and I get caught in this all the time.

My advice is to form an identity outside of how good your songs are, how many followers you have, and where you want to be.

And of course, tend the crops, put in the time, and bless others with your gifts! But don’t derive and base your worth and enjoyment of the craft on how well the harvest does.

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